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Thursday, February 10, 2011

New start.

 Ok so it has been almost a year since I been on here. I hate to admit it but I have not been working out. All that I did lose I have gained it all back. I hate myself for doing that to. So now I'm going to get back into the swing of things and get this weight off of me finally.
Lately my family has been having some hard times. Work has slowed for my husband and I have had no luck finding a job. Money has been tight so I have not been able to get to the gym. stress has been a factor in my weight gain. I am going to do my best to eliminate as much of it as I can.
We are moving soon and to the place we hope we got has a free gym to use with everything in it. So that right there is more reason why I can work out. So until then I will be doing my video's.
I plan on working out every day I can and eating better. Instead of ground beef going to get ground turkey or ground chicken. Instead of pork sausage going to get turkey sausage (which is actually really good, even in sausage gravy). Going to eat more of the good stuff, cut out pop and junk food. Eat dried fruit instead of chips.
So here it begins. I did try to work out today until I had to leave and pay a bill so atleast I got in about a 10 min work out. For breakfast I had a bowl of cinnamon cheerios with milk. Lunch I had a Lean Pocket -pizzeria supreme. Dinner I made lasagna (only had one serving), a cesar salad and garlic bread (only one piece). I did had a Pepsi with dinner. But I was needing the caffeine for my headache since I had no coffee this morning. First pop I had in a few days though, so thats good, right?
One of the websites I use to keep track of everything is Great website. You can keep track of all the calories you eat and burn off. There are recipes, going to start trying some out. Even look up health issues.

As I go along and find good recipes I will post them on here and on my other blog too.
Pictures are from today and at 260.8 pounds..

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