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Friday, February 25, 2011

Feb 25 2011

I am only in the end of my 3rd week of dieting and I am already losing my motivation to do it anymore. I just want to give up and say I am just going to be fat for the rest of my life and never be happy. I feel like I have no one to support me at home. My husband just eat what ever and wants me to eat it to. and when he makes something that smells and taste good its hard for me to resist. I wish he would get on board with me and help me out. My only supports are both 700 or more miles away.
I have been eating ok. I'm not eating as much as i was before and making better choices, like cooking with ground turkey or turkey sausage. Trying to cut out ground beef and pork sausage. Like tonights dinner I made spaghetti I used turkey sausage and whole grain pasta. It was actually pretty good. I served it with garlic bread and a Italian salad.
Guess thats all for now.. I need to just get in a better mood and get out of this funk.. :/

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