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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Feb. 12 2011

Over all today wasn't a bad day. It was hard since my husband was at work and my kids where both acting like crazy animals who ate a pound of sugar. But thats what ya get when you have a 5 year old and a 3 year old.
Turns out we did get the apartment. We can move in on the 1st. But if we do we would have to find our dog a new home. They only allow pets in certain buildings and the apartment we looked at isn't in one of those. We have had out dog for almost 3 years. He will be 7 here in about a week. I can't just give him up like that. He is like one of my kids, like my 1st born. I already had to give up my other dog, a boxer who I still miss, because we couldn't afford to buy a 50 pound bag of dog food a week any more. But atleast I know he is in a good home and I can see him when ever I want. I am still heart broken over that. I will be devastated if I have to go through that again. But we need to get out of this house as soon as possible. I don't know what to do.. The apartment is nice and its what we need, plus access to a gym when ever I want. I am hoping my husband brother will take care of him until we get back on our feet. But if he can't, I just don't know what else to do..
On another sour note I burned my had taking dinner out of the oven. Got a nice little blister on my thumb now.. Hurts..
 On a better note I did get in a hour work out this morning. Did the Biggest loser cardio max and power sculpt dvd, both level 1, 20 mins work out each plus 2 5 min warm up and 2 5 mind cool downs. Both my kids worked out with me for a little this morning. It was nice to have the company and funny to watch. But they did pretty good with keeping up. According to the Everyday Health website I have burned off 1,260 calories over the course of everything today and ate 1,544. So thats not bad.. Tomorrow I weigh in. Hope for atleast a pound lost..
Have a good Saturday night everyone..
Who said a 260 pound women can't touch her toes
I never herd it :)
My daughter and I doing some leg stretching while my son
checks out the weights  


  1. I can't even touch my toes! I never could. I just have never been able too unless I bend my knees. Maybe my arms are too short. I dunno lol. BTW I'm married to Steve too! My husband's name is Steve as well. Hope you have a Happy V Day!!!

  2. Its a stretch to touch mine but I can still do it.... Thats to funny how we are both married to a Steve.. Happy V-day to you too