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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Feb 26th 2011

Going to keep this short and sweet. Ok so this morning I ate so bad.. But It did keep me full the rest of the day and for dinner I just had a salad and a sushi roll... I got in a hour work out tonight too. Did the biggest loser last chance, did the entire dvd.. Tomorrow we weigh in.. I am hoping for atleast a half of a pound since I know I didn't eat well or work out alot... Tomorrow we are having a star wars watching marathon. We are down to 4-6. Both my kids love them. 
Got a bunch of munchie stuff to munch on all day. Atleast I will have a well to work it all off.. I do plan on just eating a little of it. I'm not going to over indulged, well try not to.. 

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