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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feb. 20th 2011

Well today was the magic weigh in day. Lets just say I was not to happy. I gained .8 pounds. Guess I need to work out even harder and eat even less... I thought I was doing pretty good. :/
I did manage to make it to the store today. Since all the bad food is gone I was able to buy healthier stuff. So next weekend I'm hoping for a even more of a loss. Hoping for 2 pounds.
When I added up everything I ate today I was shocked to see that I only ate 882 calories. I don't even feel hungry. Thats a good thing right?
I found a new love today. The Boca veggie burger, only 80 calories for one and actually tasted good. Its what I had for dinner on top of 1 slice of toast with sweet hot mustard and weight watcher cheese (45 calories for a slice), along with the Banquet cheesy beef and macaroni. Dinner alone was 461 calories..
I think I have to become calorie counting obsessive person to make this whole weight lose thing work out. We shall see how crazy it makes me..
My next goal to making sure I drink enough water and getting enough sleep.. Both are helpful.. don't have much else to say. So until next time, eat healthy...

P.s.. Happy birthday to my Mom and my Dog Rocky. And congrats to my friend for losing 4 pounds this week :)

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