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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feb. 22nd 2011

Well today got started off in the wrong way. I totally forgot about an appointment I had this morning, until this morning. Oops. Still made it there on time, thankfully. So I wasn't able to get my work out in this morning. But I ate good today and I got in a good hour walk, half of it was up hill. I stayed under 1200 calories with eating and burned off just over 900.
I am starting to notice that I am getting fuller faster. I'm not eating as much. Breakfast and lunch are easy to do with those frozen lean pockets and Jimmy Dean turkey and ham sandwiches and all those healthy choice meals for lunches. Dinners are harder to do with watching calories. I need to find a website or a cook book with all healthy recipe's. I can find some here and there but I have to look on like 10 different web pages. Would be nice to have them all in one thing.
My husband has been doing work at the Extreme Makeover House going up in Wichita Kansas. I haven't seen him much these last few days. Sometimes when he is not here with dinner I eat less. But other times I eat more. You would think it would be one or the other. Guess I might have to do with how the rest of the day went.
I just can't wait to move so or friend can finally not be living with us and I don't have to make so much food. Be able to buy like fish and stuff with out having to feed him too. He eats enough for 2 people. He has just got to go. Come on and hurry up and call and let me know we got the apartment or not, getting tired of waiting.

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