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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feb 19th 2011

So I know I have not been on here in a few day. I have been busy with getting stuff organized. I guess you can say I hit spring fever lol. I still been eating better than I was. Thats been a slow transition.
I have worked out just about everyday. Yesterday I walked my kids to the park, 1/2 mile total. The 3 of us played for 2 hours. Its crazy how we went from record lows and blizzards to record highs the following week. I have been doing a combo of the Julian Michaels 30 day shred along with the Biggest Loser Last Chance work out. Plus cleaning and downsizing stuff getting ready to move its been crazy around here.
At some point I need to bring in a play house from outside so I can get it cleaned so we can use it indoors once we move. Thats going to be a work out in its self. Maybe I'll save that for tomorrow. Unless I decided to do it today. Hmmm..
Things have been pretty stressful around here lately. We have had a friend staying here and he was only suppose to be here a few days and its been about 2 months now. He has yet to pay us anything or chip in for food. All he does is complain about how hard it is out there and stuff he has to pay.. I just laugh. He has no idea. He has no kids, he's not married he doesn't have rent to worry about or bills to pay or a family to support. He has nothing to worry about. I always tell him put your self in our shoes then you can complain. Thankfully once we move he is not staying with us and we are going to make him help us move. No matter how many times we hint to him that we didn't want him to stay here this long he has yet to leave. Its pretty sad when you have to hide foods and drinks just so he doesn't drink and eat it all..
Dinner Tonight will be a Subway veggie delight on the flat bread.. Going to weigh in tomorrow. Hoping for atleast a pound. I'm going to take measurements too. Figured I better since I haven't yet..
I need to get out of this funk I am in. I just have not wanting to do much. Maybe after our move I can get into a better routine.. Have a good Saturday night..

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