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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feb. 23rd 2011

Ok so I got a work out in today. Got in a great walk this afternoon. But I just had to screw it up with dinner :/ We had to do some running around about dinner time, I was planning on making dinner at home. But our car decided it wanted to run out of gas even though the gage said there was still gas in it. By the time we got gas back into the car and a running around done it was 7pm. So we went to this new place that opened up her called Wheat State Pizza. Very good. But I over ate and had pop. I had a calzone with chicken, onion and green bell peppers on wheat dough, very good. My husband and I did share a house salad. But I just ate way to much.. Going to need to work even harder tomorrow to burn off this dinner.. Other than over eating for dinner the rest of the day was good atleast.  

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