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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feb. 13 2011

So its the night before Valentine's. We don't really have plans for tomorrow. Just going to stay in with the family. Can't afford to go out right now. But we will when we can.
To day I weighed in. Lost 1.4 pounds this week. HAPPY DANCE :).. That was a great start to the day..
For breakfast today I made a breakfast pizza. So good.. Ate more than I should of. But I didn't eat lunch since I wasn't hungry. Dinner was roasted marinaded chicken breast, a summer couscous salad (will post recipe tomorrow) and some bread sticks.. My husband could not stop saying how good dinner was. So I guess That means dinner was good :)
Once again this morning I got burned by the oven. This time it was by my elbow. Went to take the pizza out of the oven and my elbow hit the oven door.. Got a nice burn from that.. Same arm as yesterday too, go figure... Guess I better stay away from the oven for a few days....
today was a pretty productive day. Got my daughters stuff done for her Valentine party at school tomorrow. She made a box and signed all the cards I just put the cards together since it got late. My husband and I got the garage cleaned out and I finished shoveling snow from the front of out house and drive way.. But those where mt work outs for today since I never got around to doing a video.. But will be in the morning..

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