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Friday, February 11, 2011

Feb 11th 2011

Today has been a very long day. Both my kids have been trying my patience and they are just about out. All over toys at that. Why is it so hard for kids to pick up.. They drag them out then don't play with them. But when I tell them to pick up they decide to play. Its a battle I go through every night and I'm about to just take all their toys away.
My son, who is 3, wants to eat all day long. Every 5 mins he is asking for a snack or dinner or lunch. When I tell him no he throws a fit. Its getting old and fast. He does it every day all day no matter what we are doing.
Tomorrow after noon we find out if we are moving.. I hope we got the apartment. We need it..
I did manage to get in a good work out this morning. Did a Billy Blanks tae-bo flex. Its was about 45 mins long. I worked up a good sweat. Was able to get it for free from Family Video. They have a free educational section and they have some work out dvd's. So I'll be checking those out.
For breakfast today I made 2 eggs, one whole and one just the whites. Wrapped them in a tortilla with a little cheese and some hot sauce, actually hit the spot. Lunch I had another Banquet meal, the boneless pork ribs. Dinner I made the Nutty Chicken Stir Fry that I posted. I got it from the newest taste of homes magazine. I also shared a banana with my son for a snack. I thought I ate pretty good. Physically I feel fine minus my legs being a little sore but mentally I am drained..
So here is to a better tomorrow. It will be Saturday and we go back to see the manager for an apartment and find out if we got the one we looked at and then I will know if I need to pack.. Have a happy Friday night...

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