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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jan 16th 2010

Oh what a busy day. This morning Sam had ballet. Well was suppose to, it was canceled due to the instructor being sick. But I get the call after I get everyone ready to go. So I worked out instead. Steve joined in as well as the kids too. Then we got ready to take the kids to the sitter and went to a car show (Daryl Starbird). We were there walking around for about 3 hours. There sure were alot of nice cars there.
So for the workout I (we ) did was the 2 biggest loser DVDs I have, cardio max and power sculpt. We did both on level 2. I was able to keep up a little better than last time, I can breath finally lol. But it still felt great. I guess you can say I got in a little work out with all the walking we did at the car show.
For meal wise. I kinda missed breakfast, got caught up in getting the kids ready and working out. Lunch I had a healthy choice frozen meal, shrimp (um I forget that the flavor was I just remember it was shrimp) it can with broccoli, carrots and a little dessert. Dinner we ate at the car show, I just had a cheeseburger with mustard and a small fries. It didn't feel that great once it hit my stomach, but I was hungry and I didn't have a big selection to choose from. Steve and I shared a medium soda. I had a special K snack bar the chocolate drizzle, just a few mins ago.
I am going to start keeping track of the calories I eat. Going to try to reduce it and hope doing that with exercise will help get the weight off. Breakfast and lunch are easy to do, but dinners i seem to have a harder time figuring out how many calories I do consume. Guess I will be looking online for something I can use to help calculate the calories.

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