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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jan 14th 2010

So I didn't post yesterday. There was just alog going on and I kinda just didn't do it. Thinks have been pretty crazy around here.
Last night dinner we had turkey hot dogs with vegitarien chili, seasoned fries and steamed broccoli. Both my kids devoured the hot dogs and I can never get my daughter to eat hot dogs. I did work out yesterday too, just can't remember what I did in the morning. But last night Steve and I did yoga. It felt good afterwards. Some postitons are hard, but it was easy.
So on to today. This morning I went on a 1 mile power walk/ jog. I stopped at the play ground towards the end to let the kids play for a few, while there I did some streching. It was getting out side, even thought it was in the 30's. Steve and I did yoga again tonight. Was a little easier tonight. Wedecided to do it every night as a way to wind the day down. I like it when steve is there to work out with me , makes it a little more enjoyable.
Food wise today. This morning I had a half a onion bagel with fat free cream cheese with 2 eggs (one was just the egg whites). Lunch I did one of those healthy choice fresh mixers, tuscun chicken. Dinner I made chicken parmesan mini subs with a ceaser salad with no crutons (mainly because I didn't have any).
All in all I have been feeling pretty good. Well minus the stuffy nose. I'm hoping for a good night sleep. Have a busy morning.

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