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Sunday, January 10, 2010

jan 10th 2010

Over all today was a OK day. I spent probably half the day with a headache. I been having them for a few weeks now. Its always in the same spot, they go as fast as they set on. I do go to the doctor Friday for my next birth control shot, so I will mention it then.
I did the biggest loser sculpt and cardio DVDs today. Both were done on the maximum results week 1-2. I felt great after wards. I actually had energy today and got some stuff done. Been kinda sluggish these last few days. Other than my headache I felt pretty good today.
For breakfast I had half a onion bagel with cream cheese. Lunch was a healthy choice frozen meal (I can't remember what flavor it was, but it was yummy). Dinner was a left over night. So i heated up left over spaghetti. I had one serving, probably about 2 cups worth, and a slice of butter bread. I did have a piece of brownie for dessert. But it was a small slice.
Well I'm off to bed, head is pounding.

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